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Kimscrafts Handmade decorative products by Maine craftspeople

Our Process for Creating Beautiful, Hand-Stenciled Slates

Hand painting

Natural grey, fine-grained roofing slate, sealed for indoor or outdoor enjoyment. Each individually hand-stenciled.

Handcrafted in Maine, USA.

We start by using durable fine-grained, gray roofing slate. Once these natural canvases have been individually prepared by hand, our stencilers go to work, applying as many as sixteen layers of paint using specially cut stencils to achieve our original, unusually detailed designs. In addition to our full-time, on-site staff, some of our stencilers are at-home crafters.

Each and every one of our stencilers takes tremendous pride in their work, producing the meticulously crafted products we offer you today. While their individual personalities produce subtle, unique variations in shading and color, all meet our exacting standards of clarity and crispness.

After assessing each finished piece for quality, we apply a weather-resistant, UV-protectant sealer and prepare the piece for hanging, with natural rawhide lacing. Each item is then carefully wrapped and boxed to protect it on its way to you. May you enjoy our products for years to come!

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Made in Maine
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